5 Considerations in the Hiring Process

5 – Make Sure Your Background Check Forms are Compliant!

In today’s litigious world, it’s best to have a partner to handle the forms and authorizations for your background checks. Authorization forms must be “stand alone” and “separate”. Many large companies have been hit with class-action lawsuits, costing them millions of dollars, because of improper forms. Make sure you aren’t caught in the FCRA crosshairs!

 4 – To Use Social Media, or Not?

In a series of SHRM studies, social media is used by 77% of companies for recruiting. They caution there may be EEO concerns for underprivileged, or those who do not use social media. The other question is whether to research applicant’s personal pages. This strategy has only been adopted by approximately 22% of companies. There are concerns in HR circles that the information on a person’s Facebook or Instagram may be considered “private”. The trend is still developing, and bears watching!

 3- Face-to-Face is Better

While offering flexible work environments has been gaining popularity in the past, the current trend shows employers are realizing benefits by having staff in proximity with each other. Take, for instance, Apple Computer™. They are an example of a technology company who has seen gained efficiencies with staff interacting in the workplace and have recently opened their new world headquarters. For more trends from Industry Week, click here.

 2 – Diversity and the Global Market

It’s a fact hiring today is affected by the global market. We are in a worldwide economy and many of our policies and decisions are influenced as a result. One specific trend in hiring is the absolute requirement for diversity. According to a recent LinkedIn™ Talent Blog post, “ 78% of hiring managers say that diversity is top trend impacting how they hire.” Companies are still coping with changing demographics and how best to deal with them. It can also be a delicate balance to have a non-biased interview process if a company is actively seeking diversity. The challenges have been under scrutiny in HR and legal circles, and will no doubt continue.

 1 – Personality versus Work-Type Interests

For years personality tests have been given for organization development and recruiting. The science of these tests, such as Myers-Briggs and DISC are widely known, and oftentimes interesting. In recent years, newer science has emerged, demonstrating the profound difference between behavior (which is learned and can be modified) and how a person thinks and reacts. According to an Auburn Neuroscientists, 95% of human behavior is based on the subconscious, leaving only 5% on conscious or DISC-type behaviors. This conundrum is addressed with updated science and assessments by iWorkZone in their proprietary FIT Assessment. Base your hiring on the 95% of a person and watch your productivity and retention drastically improve!

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