Define Your Culture in 6 Steps

We spend a lot of time there – it’s called a number of things: job, career, work, “ball and chain”. Frequently, we focus on what leadership can do to make the workplace the best it can be. Today we are going to discuss simple and meaningful things each person can do to create the culture he or she wants.

Take charge. You can make a positive difference.

Take every opportunity to learn. Acquiring new skills increases your experience and interactions with others as well as making you more marketable. Expanding your knowledge and your network will open horizons for you. It also keeps life interesting.

Encourage others. Bringing a positive word creates good energy. We all want that! Remarking on a job well done or some other accomplishment also helps establish rapport – and it is even better when you add a smile.

Spur your teammates on to greatness. Competition does not mean someone “has to lose”. Healthy competition can elevate your standards and bring a deep sense of success. Pursuing excellence helps everyone win.

Learn about what other departments do. In a busy work environment, it may be easy to stay in your own “silo”. Learning about other activities and processes outside your own sphere can empower you to make better decisions in your role because you have a global corporate view.

Be grateful when receiving feedback from your supervisor. Feeling defensive is counter to learning new skills and advancing. View every exchange as an opportunity to grow.

Celebrate success! Take time to reward your accomplishments and those of your teammates. Acknowledging success is a critical step in realizing you have achieved a milestone.

These simple steps can create a dynamic, energized atmosphere in your workplace. Take the initiative. It will be worth every second.