Is Your Hiring Process Stuck?

“The Earth is flat.”
– Thales, 550 BC

Does technology feel like it’s progressing more rapidly to you? According to some, that’s because it is. An article about Moore’s Law observes the number of transistors on circuit boards doubles approximately every two years.

Now comes the pivotal question…when was the first resume invented?

  1. 1645
  2. 1482
  3. 1866

If you guessed 1482, you are correct! And according to Google, “not much has changed with resumes since then.” What?!?

If you are still relying on resumes, it’s time to bring your hiring practice into today’s world. iWorkZone, with the expertise of PhDs and technology professionals, has simplified the process of matching applicants to your open positions. Using algorithms and proprietary intelligent matching science, iWZ will help you find the right people to interview – the first time!

dreamstime_s_108528088-150x150-5001042 You wouldn’t use this to make a phone call, right? Then why should you base your most critical Human Capital Management decisions on something that was invented before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue?

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