My Word!

Have you ever stopped and really listened to yourself? What you say…versus what you mean? Our words have a powerful effect on those around us and even ourselves.

Let’s use an example…

Brenda: “Dave, can you help me get the conference room set up for the meeting?”

Dave: “No problem.”

No Problem. That phrase contains two negative words, and it’s supposed to mean, “Sure, Brenda! I can help you.” Does it instill a sense of enthusiasm? Eagerness? Positive attitude? Can we do better? Of course we can!

We have many phrases in our culture that we may use repetitively. In a business culture, it can be very helpful to influence positively by retooling our phrases rather than repeating automatic responses. Ask yourself – “Am I sending the right message?”

Here is another scenario…

Dave: “Brenda, there was a meeting a short time ago, and we missed you.”

Brenda (who had forgotten): “Dave, next time I will make sure to double-check my reminder is set on my calendar, so I will be there.”

Do you see / hear how they both used positive expressions in their exchange? First, it instills a culture of cooperation and respect. Second, it minimizes potential conflict and misunderstandings that may occur when phrases have an accusatory style.

iWorkZone offers Leadership Development training both in-person and online for your business. Learn how to harness positive communication exchanges. Your business will benefit. You personally will find advantages with these skills whether dealing with co-workers, supervisors, friends or family.

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“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.” Michael Jordan