Frequently asked questions

iWorkZone is scientifically developed specifically to predict pre-hire AND post-hire employment success. iWZ is much more than generic assessments shoe-horned into hiring software. We analyze each job at each location ensuring a precise FIT. It is automated, simple and unlimited-use job analysis and candidate matching to existing top performers. We have nearly a 100% annual renewal rate with our
customers because our scientific approach actually does what we say it does!

The proprietary questions included in the FIT Assessment were created by our team of PhDs to develop the most accurate scientific metrics in the industry. The assessment works regardless of industry, with a 95+ percent accuracy.
Yes! While most testing providers rely on a basic DISC test measuring only personality and create a long and tedious report, iWZ uses our unique predictive metrics and proprietary science to deliver a short, concise and easy to understand report format. We emphasize clear results to minimize confusion and maximize impact.
Our clients use the automated matching system to quickly see best matches to their top-performers for a specific job at a specific location. Using our scientific metrics ensures optimum candidate fit in advance of the interview.
Managing employees is simplified when we understand how to capitalize on their strengths and leverage their weaknesses. Our FIT metrics clearly define roles and enrich relationships in the framework of your team, so their combined output results in efficient productivity, directly impacting your bottom line.