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Jerry MCGuire

"What makes you so different?" the EVP asked me.

We have used all kinds of behavior testing - with limited success. Now you are telling me iWorkZone is different.
Really? Why should I believe that?"

It's the question many believe they already have answered. Numerous people consider themselves fully aware of how pre-hire tests work and what they offer.

iWorkZone FIT is an assessment.

The very word "test" implies there are correct and incorrect answers. Our FIT Assessment measures innate characteristics of how a person thinks or is truly "wired", versus only how they may behave. Think of it as 3-D instead of 2-D. It is easy to tell the difference between a flat photograph and real person. The FIT Assessment provides much clearer and more complete insight into the entire personl

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Albert Einstein

"Management is trying to push another tool on the HR Department. We already have our hands full trying to find the best applicants. Right now, the job market is crazy! We need people, not another new tool. Unless you have a magic wand. I would rather keep doing what I'm doing."

When workers are bogged down in a familiar, and inefficient process, it may take some skill to help them to see past their workplace bunker. The facts are clear. Resumes often prove unreliable as an instrument to reveal the true individual.

iWorkZone has a +95% accuracy. Our science is proven.

What if your HR department could go from interviewing 11 people to under 2 to full a new position and end up with the right hire the first time? How much more time would they have? What if the people who were hired were modeled after your top performers rather than someone's "hunch" or based on a professionally written resume? The results will be obvious in a few short weeks.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

Tony Robbins

The CFO looked me in the eye. "Look, our business is running on slim margins to stay competitive. We don't have the time or desire to pay expensive consultants to perform pseudo-psychological profiles on our people." Our software is automated and has a dashboard with visual reports that can be understood at a glance, or view the full report with a single click. The FIT Assessment can be used as a pr-hire tool and for managing existing employees.

iWorkZone automatically matches applicants to top-performers at a specific job and location.

The automated tool speaks for itself. After approximately 3 - 5 report reviews, a manager can easily see who will be a FIT for an open position. The reports are clear and concise. The results are immediately available on the dashboard at the completion of the FIT. No consultants required!

Leadership is a choice, not a position.

Steven Covey

"We just implemented a new ATS (applicant tracking system) about 18 months ago," the CTO said. "The rollout was over budget. We can't afford to have another implementation. No way!"

iWorkZone's science is proprietary and we can easily integrate with most commonly used ATS'.

Our clients have measurable ROI in as little as 45 days. Turnover is reduced and productivity increased. After 120 days of consistent use, hiring use clients typically ignore resumes and go to straight to the iWZ dashboard. They have confidence in the results and know they will find the right match for their need.