Getting Started in 3 Steps

Words like science and algorithms might not sound exciting to you – however, the advantages they offer certainly are. When you harness the power of our Intelligent People Analytics, and start seeing results with your people and profit almost immediately, they might just change your mind. Some say “numbers don’t lie”. Our metrics will give you real data you can use for your benefit, within days.

Here’s how…

iWorkZone provides a suite of solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need help with hiring, posting jobs, managing applicant inflow, we have the team and answers you need. If you require assistance with team-building, mentoring, succession planning or encouraging employees on a dynamic career path – you are in the right place. Are you an Executive Coach or Business Consultant? Let us show you how iWorkZone will augment your offering. It’s as simple as contacting us.

Here are just three of our most frequently used solutions:

Discover the person “inside” – see how an applicant will fit in before the first interview

Talent Concierge™

Let iWorkZone’s experienced team manage the applicant pool, serving top matches to your inbox

An anonymous Employee Engagement Survey to help the executive leadership team focus on strengths and opportunities

Our implementation is fast and efficient. If you are using an existing ATS (Applicant Tracking System), contact us to find out how easily we can integrate. We think you will be pleasantly surprised and might even smile when you say the word science.

Phases to launch with iWZ

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Talent Selfie
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