Our Applicant Tracking System is designed with ease-of-use in mind.

The iWorkZone Simplified Applicant Tracking System automates your hiring processes with:

Talent Sourcing

Fully automated applicant tracking system.

Jobs posted to the major job boards +150 others.

Custom career page for Corporate.

Specialized landing page for each corporate job.

Custom career page for each community.

Specialized landing pages for each community job.

Recruit from our national Talent Databank™ of available Job Seekers.

Coordination of organic talent growth with local High Schools and Colleges.

Internal Match button to recruit from inside your organization.

Talent Selection

Talent Selfie® Assessment pinpoints internal Talent Wiring™.

Core science based on Interests, Personality and Cognitive success predictors.

Talent Patterns based on existing Top Performers. No “boxed” benchmarking.

Optional custom Talent Patterns derived from U.S. Department of Labor and our data.

Automated conditional email notification of new applicant.

One-page Matching Report reveals their match to a job.

Ensures you are the first employer to respond to their initial application.

Compare Jobs feature to instantly see where any applicant will fit.

Nurse Retention tool identifies nurse’s likelihood of extended retention.

ProScreen reveals applicant’s work ethic, integrity, teamwork and reliability.

Cadence Response™ Employee Engagement Survey is highly scientific and reliable.

Reduces time to hire by starting with the highest percentage fit first.

Integrated background checks.

Talent Selfie picture work

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Talent Selfie®

Discover the person “inside” – see how an applicant will fit in before the first interview

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Applicant Tracking System

An anonymous Employee Engagement Survey to help the executive leadership team focus on strengths and opportunities