Exit Perspective Provides New Insights

WorkZone has an automated, anonymous, online Exit Interview for outgoing employees. It is called Exit Perspective™.

Exit Perspective will give you objective data to assess how your organization has affected the employee’s experience. Often, exiting employees are more candid and offer details into areas that may require attention. Allowing another touchpoint prior to departure is a valuable step.

Here is why

Having the opportunity to look in-depth into your culture, daily processes and how managers and supervisors function from an employee point-of-view, is critical. The information gathered can assist strategic planning and process improvements.

Here are 5 beneficial reasons to implement Exit Perspective today.


Having an anonymous survey allows the exiting employee to give you feedback they may not feel comfortable relaying to an HR professional or supervisor.


You will have a documented reason for the employee’s departure, which is more valuable than speculation or if the employee holds back in a face-to-face interview.


Data compiled can be analyzed depending on areas of focus and interest. Reports can be useful to spot trends and confirm improvements.


If a certain department is experiencing high turnover, Exit Perspective can help you identify what to change or whom to coach and mentor.


Having a solution that provides continuous feedback will help you quickly identify and address key concerns, which may increase retention and profitability.

An additional benefit for your organization is consistency, which can promote a healthy environment for Employee Engagement and compliance.

Exit Perspective Valuable Information for Key Decisions