Talent Selfie

Imagine an environment where you can compare interests and abilities to career opportunities and job responsibilities. iWZ provides all participants with access to discover and reflect on their innate and inner strengths. We call it Talent Wiring™.

Now there is an alternative to: Introduction. Resume. Interview. Reference Checks. Decision. iWZ provides High-Touch and validated Science in one integrated cloud-based offering.

In contrast to many psychometric assessments that focus on behavior and attitudes, iWZ invites participants to self-discover their total talent profile through a series of thoughtful questions, responses and preferences. Our science is unique in terms of its predictability for Success. That’s great news for employers, job seekers, students, career coaches – virtually everyone who values work! iWZ is committed to improving career search and fulfillment with metrics that support the decision-making process.

You’ve Got to See It To Believe It!

Experience the Talent Selfie®

Talent Management Benefits


What if applicant metrics were automatically prioritized for positions based on predictable success factors?

They are! In today’s highly competitive job market, securing the best candidates needs to be efficient. The Talent Selfie gives you the snapshot to bring confidence to your normal interviewing process.


What if you could promote a top performer with the knowledge they are wired to do the next job?

You win! The employee also wins by having a successful career path. This increases retention as well as efficiencies and profitability.​


What if you could have a clear picture of the ideal team and their compatibility before the project kick-off meeting?

You do! iWorkZone allows you to build an insightful matrix with a few simple clicks to visualize the team dynamics. You can see and assemble your best team for a given project quickly and easily.


What if you could clearly see a person’s strengths and challenges in order to provide clear career guidance – a snapshot of who they are?

You have it! The reporting available for mentoring and coaching provides actionable information to bring out the best in each individual.


What if you had an objective report to help you manage misunderstandings between team members?

You do! Using the science behind the Talent Selfie can educate and encourage team members to understand their colleagues and work together harmoniously.

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Discover the person “inside” – see how an applicant will fit in before the first interview

Applicant Tracking System

An anonymous Employee Engagement Survey to help the executive leadership team focus on strengths and opportunities